"Everything starts from a point"


Future is part of me, so I will continue doing what I know best. That is to say, because of what I have discovered, in life and in myself.

Thank you. Life, a word too twisted for many of us. I’ve constantly scattered myself without being fully aware of my existence, then barely composing myself for a moment. The illusion of life walked me through the most interesting realms, making me reach here, in front of you. Is it the Reality we have for so long been looking for? Is it Love? Or is it Freedom? I’m telling you that I am like the chance and unshakable in talking with silence at night. Many times, I find hearing my mischief difficult. Sometimes I see the sound. And all these for a touch of colour? Things speak for themselves, no matter what, so I’m asking you, infinite souls, to walk with hope into my worlds of colour.

My worlds

My collection of paintings


When he was young, his family and others used to say he was an unusual child. They were saying that because of the follies he used to do or because of some quite mature words at that age. In short, he was very energetic but left-handed. In the real sense, not in the ironic one, with his left hand drawing quite interesting things.
At the age of 10, Andrei started practicing handball, performing it even nowadays. A graceful and manly sport. Besides handball, somehow, from around 13, he began to study magic on his own. And he has turned that passion into his job.
After graduating high school, he decided to try out his favorite sport, handball, but among the best and abroad, more precisely in Paris. At the same time, he has been a magician, of course in all sorts of events.
Parents, family, and friends have enormously supported him, believing in him even though Andrei often wanted the impossible. Probably a professional defect.
The culmination was Andrei's walk on the streets of Paris, in a rather stressful period of time, having been living there for some time, was when something hit him out of the blue: the remembrance of him knowing the art of drawing. From there, everything developed in a magical way: the next day he bought a canvas, colours and paintbrushes.
He started painting, searching for information everywhere.

Illusion, mystery, immortality and hope are part of the world I have created. Realistically speaking, the viewer's place is within the colors, his access code being his own imagination. Addressing both the abstract and the figurative, I rely on total disproportion. It's all about my impulses or my moods which tell me how much or how little to reveal in each work. In short, it’s a set disorder. Things speak for themselves, no matter what, so I’m asking you, infinite souls, to step with hope in my worlds of colour.